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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hotel Rooms Much Too Hot!

We checked into an hotel on the south coast over the weekend and the room was stifling hot. The room had been extensively refurbished and was absolutely beautiful. It had all the high tech features including WiFi broadband, thermostatic shower and plasma TV, but no way of controlling the temperature except opening the windows.

I contacted reception and was informed that no maintenance person was around until Monday morning and most people just opened the windows to let out the heat! The radiators had been boxed in and there was no access to the valves, thermostatic or otherwise. So we did as advised and slept with the windows wide open with the heat spilling outside to cool the room down to a bearable temperature. In these days of concern about global warming and wasting energy, I could not let this go unmentioned. I imagine that many kilowatt hours of heat was going straight out of the window and wonder how many other hotel rooms have the same problem?

It must be costing the hotel owners a fortune in wasted energy, which could so easily be avoided by fitting an accessible temperature control system. I understand that nobody likes to check into a room that is too cold, but this was just ridiculous. Adding insult to injury was a notice displayed in the room advising people to save energy, by keeping towel use to a minimum to avoid expensive laundry costs......

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At 5:33 am, Anonymous Rachael said...

So sad.... but I remember some of nice experiences in hotel at Sleep Inn during my last stay.


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