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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Soladin 600 Grid Tie Inverter

Last year I bought a Mastervolt Soladin 600 Grid Tie Inverter to feed the power that my four solar panels collect, into the mains supply of the house. The Soladin is a very well made and reliable unit and I have been very impressed with its operation.

I have four Unisolar 64 watt panels which together produce about 250 watts of power. On most days, we easily use this power in the house, but if we don't it gets exported into the National Grid for others to use. At some stage I will arrange an export agreement with my electricity supplier, so that I can be paid for the surplus power I produce. We won't get rich, of course, but it helps in a very tiny way to offset all that polluting power.

Since I put the details of the inverter on my main website, I have had many enquiries from people who wish to install similar systems to me. I am pleased to say that I have got agreement with Mastervolt to sell these UK certified units from my website at an incredibly attractive price.


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