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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wild Cowslips In My Garden

We always get a clear indication of spring when the wild cowslips in our garden appear. They have come up every year since we have lived here and no amount of lawn mowing seems to deter them.

I even tried to transplant some a couple of years ago, to a different part of the garden, but they still come up in the same place as well as the place where I transplanted them to. My wife forbids me to run the lawnmower over them, so I have to steer it around them until the flowers run to seed. I collected the seed pods one year and scattered them in a wild part of the garden. Now they grow there too, even amongst my chickens!

I believe they are a protected species, so I thought I would show them off in a couple of pictures. We have plenty of daffodils too, but of course, they are not so rare, so I won't inflict pictures of those on you for now. We are very lucky to have a large garden and although the upkeep is hard work, it is nice to have nature reward us with flowers like these.

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