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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rainwater Recycling

I have returned to my rainwater recycling project. This is a way of using otherwise wasted water for garden use and toilet flushing. I did try using our well water for this, but it provoked domestic disharmony because the reddish-brown colour of the well water, even after filtering, did not match the new white bathroom suite!

I am now collecting rainwater from the garage roof and storing it in a 1000 litre plastic tank I got from eBay for £30. The water passes through a simple leaf filter called a Drainsmart which seems quite effective. The water is pumped to a tank in the loft by a 12 volt 30 psi pump which is powered from my solar charged battery bank.

I haven't yet finalised the control system to regulate the water levels and turn the pump on and off. The 1000 litre tank will also be cladded with stained weatherboard so that it looks like a little shed. I will get around to all this over Easter, I hope.


At 8:32 pm, Blogger MoltenJules said...

Looks like an interesting solution. I do like the shed like disguise - much better than the white plastic and wire.

If you do have a very heavy rain what happens to the excess water once the tank is full? From the pictures it would appear to overflow around the tank. There are some downpipe adapters which allow rain water to fill a container. Once full, the water follows its normal path either to the drains or soak away. Try http://www.rainharvesting.co.uk/products/filters.htm or similar searches on google.

Lots of good ideas on one site. I like it.

At 10:01 pm, Blogger Nigel said...

Since doing the woodwork I have installed an overflow of 43mm piping into a storm drain nearby. Pictures soon.


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