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Alternative Technology and Renewable Energy can be great fun and very rewarding, especially if done at home. On this blog I share my ideas and tips for mainly simple and inexpensive alternative technology projects.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

First post on my new blog

Welcome and thanks for viewing.

I will be keeping readers up to date with my small scale alternative technology projects at my home in rural Suffolk, UK. None of these projects are very groundbreaking, but I have fun doing them and every little helps to save the planet!

I recently set up a new website which details what I have done so far, so please take a look and post your comments on what you think. In the future, small home alternative technology systems will become increasingly important and the more we can lower harmful emissions the better for everyone.



At 3:04 pm, Anonymous John Welsh said...

Great site Nigel. I am a member of the centre of alternative technology in North Wales and am trying to develop more interest locally in similar ideas as yours. I am in process of developing a regional group too as well as what you can fund on our website.


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