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Friday, January 13, 2006

Home Power Magazine

I recently took out a subscription t0 Home Power Magazine which is an American publication dealing with renewable energy on a domestic scale. The American's are really into Alternative Technology and the articles in the mag are very interesting.

The first edition arrived today and I'm sure I will read it cover to cover. You can either get a hard copy subscription or a PDF download and they have a demo copy available free. I suppose I should have got the PDF version and saved paper, (and money!) but I really like having a hard copy magazine that I can take anywhere with me.

I'm not aware of any similar publication in the UK, unless someone can advise me otherwise? Maybe the home renewable energy market here is too small to support such a venture? I really think it will grow as time goes on, particularly with energy prices set to rise by huge amounts in the future.


At 1:07 pm, Anonymous ronnie said...

I have a 2 year e-subscription with a free cd (which came in the post!). I find the mag V interesting, they have a big head start on us in the UK. Like you I cannot find any similar publication here.



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